Global Package is comprised of a talented and experienced team for creating the best bottles from worldwide factories sourcing as well as providing custom shippers, glass decoration, pewter labels, closures, and design for the wine ,spirits, and food industries. When it comes to providing custom and specialty bottles and packaging, we lead the way in finding solutions to provide a comprehensive and attractive outcome that sets a brand apart. It is our goal to offer the most professional service so the project works well the first time.

Specializing in customized high end bottles, bottle design and decoration services for wine, spirits and food companies. Our focus is on unique specialty bottles, pewter labels, custom cartons and stoppers for wines and spirits.

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Erica Harrop and her sales team are comprised of talented and experienced packaging specialists that assist (guide) customers with a variety of options to set their product apart from the rest. With over 65 years' experience in packaging creation and decoration they work expediently to offer a selection that is suitable to the project.


The team is able to communicate with more than 30 suppliers in various countries and has worked with many for over 25 years. First hand relationships are important to understanding what is best for both the customer and the supplier so the outcome is meeting the objective. Whether in France, Italy or the Far East, being able to present the benefits of each producer to the customer allows for better decision making.

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Global Package's Wild Glass Answers Sustainability and Landfill Issues

by Erica Harrop, Founder/CEO Global Package LLC 

Study after study has proved that consumers prefer glass over other packaging materials for several reasons: Because it is aesthetically pleasing, is virtually inert and doesn’t interact with the food or beverage it holds, and because it is recyclable.  Global Package has a long tradition of promoting glass in the wine and spirits industries for these very reasons. Our latest collection of Wild Glassproduced by Estal Packaging, is 100%  sustainable “real cycled” and  boasts a production process that is both efficient and ecologically sustainable. It utilizes only post-consumer recycled glass collected from municipalities and its production method uses lowerfuel consumption, resulting in a reduction of CO2 as well as less extraction of virgin material.   Continue Reading